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Custom Timber Framing

Benedict Antique Lumber can design and build your timber frame home, office or garage!
In addition to our selection of antique woods and barns, we can build your custom timber frame from newly cut beams. This cost effective alternative offers all the benefits of an antique frame, minus the character and history found in Antique Barn Frames.
Advantages of timber framing versus a stick frame:
Exposed timber framing and joining has its own distinctive elegance and tactile quality. The grain patterns, knots and checking in the wood reflect its former life as a tree. The openness, warmth and charm of a timber framed home distinguishes it from traditional houses.
Timber framed houses are designed to last for centuries... not decades. The reclaimed barn beams attest to this longevity and strength.
Timber frame construction is compatible with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) for qaulities of aesthetics, energy efficiency, and installation. SIPS have high R Factors for walls and roofs. See Branch River Plastics for more information.
Custom timber framing is designed to carry vertical loads. This allows you to create a large open floor plan inside your home. You may be surprised to learn that from a Japanese style home to a Mountain Cabin construction design is timber frame.
The beams and panels are pre-cut before delivery. Timber frames go up quickly because there are fewer pieces to handle. Frames can be erected in one to three days, and therefore, ready for your internal contractors within a week. This helps to keep your labor costs down.

While not for everyone's budget or taste, timber frame homes are accessible to just about everyone who longs for the beauty, charm and strength of a well-designed and constructed living area.
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